Thursday, September 1, 2011


About the model:
Design: Oli Gig
Height: 30cm
Width: 18.5cm
Depth: 27.8cm
Difficulty: Medium/Hard, 7/10
Number of Pages: 7
Number of Pieces: 70
Download: A4 only
Instructions: Start at the top of the head, working down and closing at the white piece. Start the body at the black neck piece and assemble the spikes around it. work down the body and before you finish the main body part, assemble the arms. Start the arms at the top spikes and start the hand/arm at the hand working upwards. Attach them together and close the arms. Attach the arms to the body with superglue. The rest of Darkrai is pretty straight forward, just close the body at the bottom piece.

There is also a base included, for those who want to make him stand.

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  1. This and kadabra look a little too much like paperpoke's. It looks like you stole them. Just wanted to say that. (Btw that was not an insult if anything it was a compliment because it looks like paperpokes :P)