Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st Post - Keldeo

Keldeo is pony-like, with a large, feathery red mane, long, dark blue, ridged eyebrow-like features, and a single white horn that is slightly curved. The back of its head, as well as its neck, has light blue-and-white-spotted coloration with spiky edges at the lower portion. Its body is cream-colored, with blue hooves. Its blue-and-white-spotted, lifted and feathery tail is comparable to an elaborate feather in a cap.

About the model:
Design: Sabi96
Height: 24.5 (A4), 22.5 (Letter)
Width: 12.3 (A4), 11.2 (Letter)
Depth: 20.6 (A4), 18.9 (Letter)
Difficulty: Medium, 5/10
Number of Pages: 5
Number of Pieces: 75
Download Keldeo A4 / Letter

Instructions: Start at the tip of the nose, add the horn as soon as possible. Finish the head by going around, and start adding the hair after closing the head. Close the hair with the ponytail. Build the mane and connect it to the neck, and then connect it to the head. Build the base of the body, glue it to the head and then start adding the limbs (first front, later back). Finish the model with the tail.

Notes: This model is also available on Sabi96 Papercraft Box. A new model will come this afternoon and a third one this evening.

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