Thursday, September 1, 2011


Lugia are very large creatures which bear a resemblance to something between a dragon, a plesiosaur, and a bird. They are primarily pale silver-white, but have blue undersides with slightly varying tones. They have a somewhat beak-like, ridged mouths, although they have teeth on their lower jaw. Their head has a point to the back, and Lugia’s eyes have pointed blue or black spikes on them. Lugia have long slender necks and their bodies are smooth and streamlined, with the exception of dark blue or black spike-like protrusions which run down the length of their back, and two smaller ones on the ends of their tails. It has large wings that resemble hands.

About the model:
Design: Sabi96, Build : Dodoman75
Height: 30cm (A4) , 28cm (Letter)
Width: 25.3cm (A4) , 23.6cm (Letter)
Depth: 27cm (A4) , 25.2cm (Letter)
Difficulty: Medium-Hard, 7/10
Number of Pages: 5 (Including Shadow Parts)
Number of Pieces: 102 (Including Shadow Parts)
Download Lugia A4 / Letter

Instructions: Start at the spike on his head, build your way down at the other parts eyes the way you go, start the wings at the tips and build your way to the body, start the legs at the toes attach the tail spines wheter just before closing or after closing. Close at the tip of the tail. There are 2 ways to atach the back spines 1: make small cuts on the back and attach the spines while building 2: glue them on the back when you have finished building. Be careful with the teet.

Notes: This craft is also available on Sabi96 Papercraft Box as the second and final model of the day.

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