Saturday, October 15, 2011

Koopa Troopa (Mario Galaxy)

Koopa Troopas are common enemies in the Mario series, usually displayed as foot soldiers of the Koopa Troop, under the direct leadership of Bowser. Since Super Mario 64, however, many Koopas have appeared who do not work for Bowser (or any other villain), some of whom even act as allies to Mario during his adventures. Koopa Troopas are turtle-like creatures with shells that come in many different colors, with red and green Koopa Troopas being the most common. Koopas, along with Goombas, are some of Mario's most common foes.

About the model:
(Design: Sabi96, Build: TurtwigcuTey)
Height: 14cm
Width: 11.4cm
Depth: 18.3cm
Number of Pages: 5
Number of Parts: 22
Difficulty: 5/10
Download A4 / Letter

Instructions : Start at the eyes, work your way down the head. When you finished the head, start building the shell, the top part. finish the shell with the belly. Add the tail to the shell, and finish the model with one of the legs

Notes: This model is also available on Sabi96 Papercraft Box

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